Saturday, August 1, 2009

If I could live anywhere...

Writing my "Downtown OKC 2020" column for Steve Lackmeyer had me thinking.. what would a list of my top choices to live look like? There are so many great places, all of them with unique advantages. I think I've been blessed to be exposed to a lot of great cities..growing up in Houston, then moving to OKC, and then transfering from OU to Calgary.. not to mention vacations in Colorado, New Orleans, NYC, D.C., and the list goes on and on, for places I've been lucky enough to see. I think if I wrote a list of the top places I'd consider (excluding places I would not consider) it would be one of the most unique such lists, for sure. Pittsburgh?!? D.C.?!? Plus I know the order is kind of dare I not put NYC and Chicago first, but it is what it is. I just have infinitely more interest in living in Houston than Chicago, or Portland rather than Seattle, and so on.

Without much further ado:

1 Houston
2 New Orleans
3 Pittsburgh
4 D.C.
5 Dallas
6 Calgary
7 Denver
8 Austin
9 Vancouver
10 Portland
11 Atlanta
12 New York City
13 Savannah
14 Boston
15 Oklahoma City
16 Nashville
17 Minneapolis
18 Richmond
19 Memphis
20 Charleston
21 Raleigh
22 Tulsa
23 Cleveland
24 Toronto
25 Buffalo
26 Birmingham
27 Kansas City
28 San Antonio
29 Seattle
30 Chicago
31 San Diego
32 St. Louis
33 Baltimore
34 Cincinnati
35 Des Moines
36 Charlotte

Question, if you were to make such a list for yourself, how would it look? I would encourage folks to leave comments with such a list, and it can be short..just a top 5 or a top 10 perhaps. Just be honest about where you stick OKC. You're already going to rank it a lot higher than most people because you know how great this city is, but for most of us, OKC is not honestly our #1 choice..but it is probably up there. I personally think I've ranked OKC too low, but I did that somewhat on purpose.


Steve said...

At least you have OKC above Tulsa!

1. Dublin, OH (north of Columbus, OH)
2. Owasso, OK (north of Tulsa)
3. Monterey, CA
4. Elizabeth City, NC (neat the Outer Banks)
5. The Woodlands, TX (north of Houston)

Ok ... so I'm more of a suburb guy, and not a city/downtown guy ... so sue me! ;o)

skye said...

1. Austin
2. Portland
3. Seattle
4. San Diego
5. San Antonio

OK Dude said...

1. Portland, OR
2. New York City
3. Tulsa, OK
4. San Fransisco, CA
5. Sante Fe, NM
6. Eugene, OR
7. Salt Lake City, UT
8. Oklahoma City, OK
9. Springfield, MO
10.Boise, ID

I would live as close to downtown as I could, and I would avoid living in Texas at all cost! I know I picked a lot of hippy cities, but they have good food and farmer's markets.

RockChalkYayhawk said...

1. New York City
2. Miami
3. Dallas
4. Los Angeles
5. Corpus Christi
6. NW Arkansas
7. Atlanta
8. Tulsa
9. Seattle

Walker, Downtown Ranger said...

Alright cool, so from this, I can gather that.. Seattle, Portland, and Tulsa must be doing something right..