Sunday, August 16, 2009

Posting will be less frequent

Hey guys. Just thought I would let you all know that posting is going to be less often, but I am still going to try my best to get meaningful, debate-provoking posts up every other day or so. The longest I'll ever go without a post is two days, but it just won't be one or two a day like it was. I'm in the process of moving back up to Calgary to begin school, so that's the deal. I'll be back Christmas break, but not Spring Break this year. I still have a LOT of pictures and material that I've planned to post so continuing my points won't be any problem.

Another idea I've considered is that one thing that would keep this blog going, not just full steam ahead, but actually gaining momentum, is if I could illicit guest blog posts, similarly to Steve Lackmeyer on his OKC Central blog (which he will be running a Downtown 2020 column from me shortly). And a more extreme version of that would be if I opened up an opportunity for a co-blogger, if anyone is interested.

Take care! Sprawl, bad. Streetcar, good.

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Blair Humphreys said...

You have been doing some great blogging (and I know how time consuming it can be). Enjoy the semester. Hopefully we will get a chance to grab a coffee one of these days.