Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Night on the Town

Went to see The Producers at the Civic Center Music Hall tonight and had a blast. The Lyric's production was very good. I was pleasantly surprised what a cosmopolitan outing one could make any day of the week in Downtown. Dinner was at The Wedge, a new pizzeria that's been open for a few months on the edge of Deep Deuce, which has live music on the evenings.

At Intermission of the play we got drinks and walked out to the plaza in front of the Civic Center that faces the Downtown Skyline and I felt immersed by the city (and the smell of cigars and smokes right outside the door). It was the kind of warm, sultry, humid summer night that you just take in the sights and sounds. I could hear the great live jazz music carrying over from the rooftop of the art museum, the reflection of the skyline peering over lit-up City Hall, and the illuminated outline of the historic mid-rise rooftops of the Arts District. Not to mention my date wasn't bad herself.

It dawned on me that the Civic Center is always showing something, whether it's Ballet Oklahoma, the OKC Philharmonic, Lyric theater productions, traveling Broadway productions, or whatever else. The art museum has its Cocktails on the Skyline every Thursday evening except in Winter. Each night, you see carriages being pulled by Budweiser horses down Bricktown streets. You see people enjoying the Canal, and restaurants buzzing, most of them with their own live music. There are a half-dozen key nodes of activity that have truly turned Downtown OKC into the live/work/play community we've envisioned.

No need for congratulations this early on, but I just wanted to point out that everything we've been working towards has not gone for nothing. OKC has made a ton of progress, and it really is a very nice city that just has a lot of ways to keep going in order to it to fully meet its enormous potential. I'm going to keep advocating for OKC to keep progressing, but at the same time, I'm going to enjoy as much of OKC as I can before I have to go to my new home away from home.

P.S. Anyone reading this, go get yourself some tickets to see The Producers. It's worth it, and the Lyric is only doing it for one week. If you have a student I.D. the tickets are only $15 for best-available if you show up at 7.30. I ended up sitting in the side-box closest to the stage.. incredible seats, that normally go for $75 each.


OK Dude said...

I saw the Producers last time I was in NYC. I really liked it more than the movie.

Walker, Downtown Ranger said...

Yeah the movie isn't very good at all