Thursday, August 27, 2009

Not to nitpick, but..

First of all I'd like to say how incredibly excited I am to have the Academy of Contemporary Music downtown in Bricktown, right on the canal. It's an incredible opportunity to further expand the cultural and night life offerings, let alone the daytime offerings in Bricktown. Especially during a recession. I am excited to see UCO doing many cool live music-themed things in the center city, with this, and also with their boathouse on the river. But with that said..I just have a small bone to pick with the tacky banner covering up the fourth floor windows.

Hopefully it won't last and they'll put something less temporary there, but I'm not convinced.. this project has been over a year in the works, getting the school ready for months, and the sign just doesn't make sense. Plus with the talk that they might be moving again to a more permanent location somewhere other than Bricktown (the Fred Jones Widgets Bldg has been a heavily rumored location). Anyway, this is the sign I have a problem with..

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