Saturday, March 6, 2010

Can't buy press this good

About time we finally get some good press from sports commentators. Gotta love just about every single second of this. Not only do they say great things about our team, suggesting that the Thunder will run the league after LeBron and Kobe get a few years older, but they balance it out with great things to say about OKC. They bring up that the Hornets wished they could have stayed in this market. They bring up that OKC can be just as good a place to live for an NBA player as all but the 4-5 elite cities in the NBA. They also bring up that we're one of the new booming cities.

My thoughts is that this is exactly the kind of footage you take advantage of if you're the OKC Chamber. Take just the parts where it shows people on ESPN talking about how great OKC is, and you've got a slam dunk video to show people considering a corporate relocation or something.


Jason Brown said...

Why does he mention COX as if they are based here? I wish!

NR said...

See, especially considering this is the kind of video you show to corporate execs considering a relocation, perhaps Cox just jumped to the top of the list of corporations that should relocate to OKC? Especially if the national media seem to think they are HQ'd in OKC.

Wishful thinking, great isn't it?