Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm not Steve Hunt..

Someone made the comment as a personal attack on another blog that I don't even live in OKC and I'm negative 80% of the time. I can certainly see where someone who's just stumbled across this might make the mistake of seeing it all as negative criticism..

The reality though is that I am not Steve Hunt, in fact, I'm even a big Mayor Mick fan. I think Mayor Mick is great, and I keep a barf bag handy for every time I come across someone's half-brained reference to "Mayor Micky." And guess what, I'm not even a Not This MAPS guy. Some of you who think I'm 80% negative might be shocked if you went through some posts from back during the campaign and when I was blogging at full steam to convince the small number of MAPS skeptics that read this blog to vote yes.

The reality though is that we need more oversight than we're getting. If I'm perceived to be on the negative 80% of the time, then that's a badge of honor I'll wear proudly. If I can challenge things like the SandRidge urban warfare, convention center politics, and Core to Shore fantasies, then that's something I'll stick with.

I have no ax to grind, and really, I'm nothing but positive on the direction that OKC is heading. However if I can help make a strong argument for reason, I will continue to do so. If we all just stand around and not question anything, what is the point in being citizens? What is the point in even following the progress? What is the point in even having a brain?

And I actually DO write a lot of positive'd be surprised.

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Anonymous said...

Steve Hunt would have more than 0 comments. Or 1, actually, You have one now.