Friday, May 7, 2010

Chance to get involved

Here's a really good chance for some of you guys to get involved: It's the Plan OKC initiative, in which the city is currently updating a lot of the planning documents that guide the city and its development. If the city is serious about sustainable development, which we know it isn't, it's going to show it in this initiative. I would still encourage everyone to come and be active in it, I know I will. The website is here.

I meant to get this posted yesterday because now it's a day late..Thursday was the kick off meeting, but missing the kickoff meeting won't really prevent anyone from being able to get involved. As for upcoming events, I don't know a whole lot yet, but I do know that on May 24th there will be a free coffee meet and greet in the Plaza District.

You'll be able to get updates on here, and it would also be a great opportunity for some blog readers to get to meet each other and take part in actively pushing for sustainable development.

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