Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Do 66 voices matter?

I was wondering. Even though the poll is closed after a month of voting, and I'm probably going to keep that particular poll topic up until SandRidge is settled, what does it even mean? So to get to the heart of that, here's three questions:

1. Do 66 votes on a blog mean anything? What if the blog is read by numerous developers, urbanists, and fairly educated people? What if the blog is one of the few downtown/urban specialty web sources that exist for OKC? If the 66 votes on here do or don't matter, what about the 146 votes at By the way, the 146 votes overwhelmingly oppose SandRidge by a margin of more than 4-1.

2. Out of the 30% in my poll who supported the SandRidge Commons plan, how much of that support is conditional and not as strong as it could be if SandRidge would heed the concerns of the pro-urban community? I don't think anyone is unconditionally opposed to the project, I know I'm not, so that's to say I'm not 100% against it--but how much of that support for SandRidge is 100%?

3. Does support and public opinion even matter? Does SandRidge have a right to do whatever they want with land that they own, and does the community have any input or right to recourse if that plan is likely to endanger the common goal of bringing vibrancy back to downtown? Where is the line drawn on that sort of thing? At what income level does someone's opinion matter, then?

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