Friday, May 14, 2010

Shoppe Crawl in the Plaza District

This looks cool: Plaza District's Alliope Shoppe Crawl. I have no idea on earth what "Alliope" is but I know what "crawl" is and how it's done and it sounds cool and so I think I will be there. Maybe I'll even find out what "Alliope" means, so I will have learned something too.

It is tomorrow evening. The Plaza District is always a good time every 2nd Friday of the month.

THIS Friday May 14th 7-11 PM
NW 16th between Indiana & Blackwelder

Quick Peek for LIVE on the Plaza April
Outdoor: Outdoor Arts Market and POPS 66 Truck for soda and food
Velvet Monkey Salon: Artwork by Lindsay Martin and Micheal T. Bane
Collected Thread: Welcoming Spring with new fashions by Nora Ivy
DNA Galleries: Artwork by Dylan and Amanda Bradway
Shop Good: Sugar Free Allstars CD Release (6pm Kids Show, 9pm Grown Up Show), Art by Julie Robertson
Bad Granny’s Bazaar: 10% off everything in store with Shoppe Crawl Damages and Dire Wolf live music 8 pm
Curious and Curiouser: Open House
JuJu Gallery: Open house, Shoppe Crawl discounts
Midwest Media: @1614: artist Ryan Cunningham
Chaparney: Open house
No Regrets Tattoo: $40 Thunder Tattoos
Warpaint Clothing: New spring fashions
Paula & Co Realtors: Karaoke Cookout

Me and friends were planning on going to the Plaza District tonight for live music anyway. Not sure if the Shoppe Crawl is worth doing too, but if it looks good, I think I'll partake as well. I've heard rave reviews of the Plaza District scene and can't wait to see it for myself, since I've been away for so long.


Anonymous said...

How was the walk? I have only been there during the day and it is pretty busy.

That district I feel has such a unique feel with the Guatamalan and Mexican influence. I really like the neighborhoods around there too, and if I move I will probably move to that area. I think that area could be the hot area in 10 to 15 years. There are a lot of really cool old houses there.


Walker, Downtown Ranger said...

It was great. Pics coming..

I didn't see the Guatemalan influence but I did see two Mexican restaurants on 16th. Cafe Antigua is also nearby, on Classen at 18th--is that the Guatemalan influence?

I think Plaza, Classen-Ten-Penn, Linwood, and Miller is a string of neighborhoods with vast untapped potential. When you think of good neighborhoods people usually draw a line going north of downtown, in the future they may also draw a line going west out of downtown.