Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Still standing: The Gold Dome

I came across an interesting article recently. You can read it here. It has to do with the Gold Dome building which was saved a few years ago from demolition, and has since become a community treasure. It is the home of an Asian community center, law offices, an upscale restaurant and bar called Prohibition Room, and more.

As we know, the Gold Dome is still standing, full of quality local tenants, and adding lots to the culture of Oklahoma City. But in 2002 it was an uphill fight to save this building from demolition. The owners of the building wanted to tear it down and put a Walgreen's on the site instead.
"'They (the building owners) have a building that is functionally obsolete,' said Dennis Box, an attorney representing Walgreen Drug Stores."

Obviously in this guy's infinite wisdom, the Gold Dome was an eyesore and needed to be razed for new development that was not "functionally obsolete."

Maybe "functionally obsolete" is the new "cool."

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