Monday, May 24, 2010

Jenni Carlson at it again

Apparently my favorite Oklahoman columnist, Jenni Carlson, is upset about the alleged lesbian softball stereotype..just read her recent column. Uh-oh...she's at it again: Writing columns about awkward subjects that have nothing to do with sports and going places where she should not even go...

I wonder what a typical morning meeting of Daily Oklahoman sports columnists is like:

Editor: Okay guys, I need your columns in by 6 today.
Berry: Alright chief, I got a doozie today for ya..on implications of Big 12 break up!
Editor: Awesome, Rohde?
Rohde: Uh... I dunno chief, let me think for a minute. Okay I got it, I'll do a column on how OU is the greatest ever and how everyone else sucks.
Editor: Perfect, after all--that's all we write about here at the Oklahoman, right? Now Jenni..Jenni, what are you going to write about?
Jenni: How about how black people seem to like chicken?
Editor: Uhh....
Jenni: Okay, okay..what about what football positions people of different races are genetically engineered for?
Editor: Huh? Are you serious?
Jenni: Okay, fine--I know I got a lot of flack about that one last time I did it! How softball players are thought of as lesbians??
Editor: Whatever, just don't get featured on Jon Stewart again..

Who the hell does she think she is? And yes, it's unfair that there's a lesbian stereotype with softball--but she missed the point. The Wall Street Journal used the stereotype against Obama's recent Supreme Court nominee by putting on the front page a photo of her playing softball with her hair rolled up in a bun, and there is no way they were oblivious to the ongoing rumors that Kagan, unmarried and child-less, is a lesbian. This is why sports writers should stick to sports, politics writers should stick to politics, and arguments about genetic engineering should be left to Dr. Mengele..not the sports page of the Oklahoman...


Anonymous said...

Um, I have been to some OU softball events and I don't want to say it, but the stereotype is true!

Walker, Downtown Ranger said...

Yeah you're right..just don't go writing any newspaper columns about it! lol