Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Better Block pics

HERE at long last are the photos I took from the Better Block Project.

An outdoor viewing area along NW7th for the Thunder game that night.

The view looking west along NW7th - SoSA resident/advocate and local architect Dennis Wells has been arguing that NW7 needs to be extended across the federal building site. Not a bad idea.

This is the hanging garden on the side of Ludivine - theoretically they would grow herbs for their cooking.

Lackmeyer shepherded me into the tour group, for which I am thankful Steve! By the way, aren't the painted tire bump-outs awesome? They remind me of something I recommended from St. Louis a while ago (see: Streetscapes) with make-shift planter bump-outs.

Temporary Full Circle location. Sadly, only temporary.

This outdoor deck area was added in place of two street parking spots - the wooden floor for the deck actually features recycled planks from the basketball court of UNC's famed Dean Smith Center, which I view as important proof that OKC is a college town, not exclusively for OU/OSU, but with large alumni groups from all over.

Board games set up along the south side of 7th (keep in mind these pics were mostly taken before the events officially began, while folks were setting up)

Is the potential of this emerging area not palpable? Here's what I see: Bikes, colorful and attractive streetscape with human interaction, an attractive storefront, modern architecture across Hudson which is tree-lined, with a residential skyscraper in the background.

The crowds getting going with the H&7 food market getting underway. The italian ice was good, and worth being overpriced ($4 for a med??)

One word: YES.

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Cool pics!