Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Extremely disrespectful, mayor

I went and made the mistake of speaking at City Council today, as if any of those guys care about the gross mis-management of P180 and MAPS3 projects. As I made the mistake of using "and now half-way through my list of concerns" as a rhetorical device, the mayor seized his chance and said this: "Oh you're going to have to be a lot more than half-way through. Could you give us a synopsis of this? Or you can come back again next week."

I was floored, on two counts: The first being that I clearly knew what I was talking about and had several councilmen leaning forward listening with heightened interest and yet he was going to give me the treatment that he only reserves for people who go on racist diatribes on the mic, leading me to the second concern, that it is extremely rare for him to cut someone off when they're not speaking for very long and especially after they've patiently waited through the entire meeting for hours and hours just for their 3-4 minutes of talk time. That is a slap in the face to anyone who has a concern about the gross mismanagement of downtown projects to not extend the courtesy of going a little over on time that is routine practice, and to be smarmy while he's at it. I am so offended by his offer to waste another 3 hours of my life that I will never get back that I may just take him up on the offer.

They're going to put that damn convention center exactly where they want it, and they especially don't want anyone to come and express some common sense urban planning.

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Questor said...

I finally got around to watching the last City Council meeting. You know in fairness to the mayor, the meeting that you spoke at was an extremely long one. I think normally 2 hours is really pushing it, but this one was over 3 hours. I agree it was unfortunate that you were cut off, but he did invite you to come back to the next meeting, and he actually did cut the person off after you as well. So I guess I'm thinking I wouldn't take it too personally. At least I wouldn't.

You brought up a lot of interesting points and I thought you were well spoken. Just a suggestion but perhaps you could focus in on one or two key items and really go into detail on those on your next visit? I am thinking that might make more of an impact, which is something I would certainly like to see since I so often agree with your points.

I'm curious, how does one get on the agenda to speak? Do they require that you live in the city?