Saturday, June 16, 2012

"Urbanology" film series at the OKCMOA

The Urban Land Institute of Central OK chapter is sponsoring a film series at the OKCMOA in the coming week that will feature 6 screenings of 5 different films from June 21 to June 23. On the 21st is a showing of Urbanized, after which will be a panel with Rickard McKown, Leslie Batchelor, Blair Humphreys, and Russell Claus - Urbanized will be re-shown on 24th. The 22nd will feature Surviving Progress (which is actually not about P180 shockingly), and the Battle for Brooklyn (which is about an eminent domain battle). On Saturday the 23rd they are showing the Pruitt-Igoe Myth (which I've already seen, and may go see again) and then the City Dark. Between the Saturday films they're advertising an intermission event with free beer (I'm guessing Stella, bah) but cool nonetheless.

So come and get sloshed and watch some good "Urbanology" films at the OKCMOA. Here's the link to the film schedule. Oh, and good luck finding the front door through the construction mess. It's better to come in from the north along Hudson and avoid the front altogether, unless they're going to dig up Hudson in the next few days. Then I would try parachuting down, or the floo network.


Anonymous said...

I saw that Ed Shadid is standing in for Russell Claus on the panel.

NR said...

Ha! Even better