Monday, August 25, 2008

Cityshot VI

6th Street: The Pearl District & DT Tulsa


BDally said...

Gotta love that shot of downtown Tulsa, part of it anyway. I haven't read too much into this "Pearl District" but I think it could really be something special and be a major anchor to revitalizing downtown. The arena has it's shot coming up and the new Driller ballpark is hardly lifting off the ground right now and the Pearl District is actually, well basically in development. So I hope this may be one of our new bright lights to downtown.

As for the canal part, which was part of the plans correct? I'm not sure if I'm digging that. It seems after SA, Indy (they have one right?), and OKC it seems as if everyone wants a canal now, how boring would that be? Tulsa doesn't need a canal, we have one right there to the west of downtown and it's huge!! The Arkansas River is all we need if people learn how to do things right.

Walker, Downtown Ranger said...

there are fine urban canals in..

San Antone
..and MANY cities in Europe

BDally said...

But what if every city in the U.S. starts to take the idea? It'll get boring. That was my point, Tulsa has a source right there and it doesn't even need to be constructed but developed.