Friday, August 22, 2008

Devon v. Chesapeake Smack Talk

This is just for those who haven’t forgotten about Devon’s cross-town rival, and especially for those that see a psychiatrist because they wish Chesapeake would move downtown so bad..

Chesapeake: Nice tower, but it should have an observation deck.. So that
they can enjoy the view of our entire ‘city.’

Devon: You mean to look down on, right?

Devon: Damn, we thought being in 5 separate buildings was bad.

Chesapeake: Nifty design, very phallic-looking.

Chesapeake: I hope that their new tower can withstand the jet stream,
or at least Oklahoma wind.

Devon: And we hope that a tornado doesn’t wipe "Chesapeake City" off
the map.

Chesapeake: Ahh, Nichols Hills..

Devon: Downtown, bitch.

Chesapeake: Did I mention phallic-looking?

Devon: Mine is bigger.


BDally said...

So I hear American Fidelity are the ones next in line for a possible high rise? Because as we all know Chesapeake doesn't wish to pursue something like this. Which is a shame because I'm sure they could at least put up a 400 footer which would be nice.

BDally said...

And if you want to talk phallic looking, look at the Chicago Spire lol.

Walker, Downtown Ranger said...

Or SF's Museum Tower.