Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Paris Hilton 2008

I don't know if the glass is half full or half empty. Perhaps Hollywood isn't so bad if it has better politicians than Barack Obama. Or maybe that just speaks to what a joke Barack Obama is. If you haven't seen Paris Hilton's actual response to one of the recent McCain ads, not only does she show Obama how it's done, but she also puts that wrinkly old man in his place. The presidential race takes the strangest twist of all as McCain's spokesman told TMZ of all formidable media outlets that, "on national energy policy, Paris is actually deeper than Barack."

OK, I'm sorry, but if your campaign's chief spokesman is talking to TMZ, who is the celebrity now?? "Paris can be my energizer bunny!" Sorry, but McCain is officially a creepy old man as of now.

But pardon me for a second, but didn't she just propose John McCain's exact energy policy? Offshore drilling + environmental oversight + alternative energy research + tax breaks for hybrid vehicle development (Obama's version of a 'tax break' is that he might not hit hybrid development with new taxes like everything else) .. certainly sounds like McCain's proposal. On the other hand Obama energy policy suggests Americans keep their tires properly inflated, and of course proposes new taxes on everything under the sun.

It shouldn't be at all surprising since the Hilton family have actually been McCain donors and supporters, believe it or not. Until now of course, with the Hilton family calling the McCain campaign "a complete waste of money," in the wake of using Paris' image to lampoon Obama. But apparently, Paris is honored, if you saw her response. And maybe that's not even a bad thing. Think about it, at least The Simple Life had higher approval ratings than the Bush Administration, so it couldn't be any worse than that.

That's hot.

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