Friday, August 22, 2008

Some new additions here

I’ve decided that I really want to bring back some of the features I used to have at the site before we went to being just-forum, so I’ll soon be re-adding the development portal (sorry Tulsa, starting with OKC first).

This will be done in a separate blog and there will be a nifty link featured in an important place somewhere on this blog. I’ll also be linking between the forums and the blog, and adding the Development Maps that I made on Google because believe it or not, they are still there, although they could use a massive overhaul/update.

For those of you that decided to stop checking my blog each day, you need to start doing that again! The period where I was treading water is over, and since the Devon plans are finally all out expect to see multiple posts a day. In fact expect the same at other blogs, too, like Steve’s and Doug’s blogs. I anticipate that the Devon deal will provide the spark that the OKC blogosphere has really been in need of for a while.

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