Saturday, August 30, 2008

Real hush-hush

The closely-guarded name of the new OKC NBA team has all of us scratching our head. Mainly those of us who hate the name 'Thunder' and have been pulling for 'OKC Barons'.

Surely these Okie billionaires have more taste than AC/DC and Thor (God of Thunder)-related team names. Most OKC fans do, and that's saying something...about AC/DC and Thor.

When KOCO-5 was the first to release the name will be Thunder, based on some fine Internet sleuthing when Clay Bennett was rumored to have parked the domain, we were all aghast with either rage or love over the name, then reassured ourselves it probably won't be Thunder.

Then all of the insiders were reporting: Thunder. The NBA accidentally put up for a brief hour or so. And when the NBA released OKC's 82-game schedule (which came underfire for excluding a single Saturday home game) it consistently called them the OKC Thunder. Then more insiders, and pretend-insiders from the SportsAnimal (which is when you know something must be false) claiming it will be Thunder.

Then a mid-afternoon text message issued out to all users that claimed next week will be a press conference on Wednesday (as opposed to Thursday) where Clay Bennett will announce the team name, the Thunder.

And now that moving vans from Seattle have arrived in Downtown OKC finally, photographers embedded in the scene got a glimpse of boxes of this.

What if it's all meant to be too obvious? What if this is all to throw us off? Surely such a secret that Bennett's guarding so closely with this kind of obliviousness must be a throw-off.

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BDally said...

Man I hope so. The logo looks very medicore and Thunder is a terrible name. I hope it does end up being Barons or even something better and something that will tie everything in. But I have a feeling that won't be happening.