Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bad Egg Restaurant Group

This post has been deleted. Keith Paul contacted me, the offending server has been dealt with, and everything is good--and I am back to support Good Egg restaurants, just not the Norman Iron Starr.

It pained me to recommend people avoid their restaurants, not just because of the impeccable attention they pay to their appearance as well as food, but also because of their genuine community support. I gain nothing in blaspheming them, so I just want to get rid of this post now that the situation is fixed.



Anonymous said...

I don't know if you have been to that many restaurants in Norman, but bad service is expected. The wait staff thinks they are too good to be nice.

Any place in OKC has better service by far. That is just my experience. Have you been to Victorias. Try to get one of those waitresses to smile! NEVER GONNA HAPPEN! Sure the food is good there, but don't expect friendly service.

Anonymous said...

I would encourage you to contact Keith Paul at Good Egg Dining. Your experience is at odds with everything I've experienced and heard others experience with Good Egg restaurants. If Keith doesn't make it right, then maybe your recommendation will carry more weight. I totally disagree with your conclusion, though I'm quite sympathetic to your complaint. Seriously, contact Keith Paul and then decide if you want to urge people to avoid his restaurants.