Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hadden Hall renovation update

Apparently the deferral of historic preservation tax credits is not holding some projects back, more evidence of the godsend saving that tax credit was. The Hadden Hall project, on 10th between Robinson and Harvey (next door to the Packard Building project) is well underway. Midtown Redevelopment/Midtown Renaissance/Whatever recently issued a statement with the following information:

18 new units in all
All 1bd/br
December 2010 completion

That this project is just 5 months away from completion is exciting news for downtown!


Anonymous said...

Also, the Guardian Building is directly north of the Packard. It'll offer retail and residential also. These three buildings plus the Cline across the street are really going to make a nice little area of activity.

- Michael Herndon

Walker, Downtown Ranger said...

Yeah but I haven't seen an official statement regarding the Packard, the Guardian, and the Cline. I understand that the Cline and Hadden will be all housing, whereas Packard and Guardian will be mixed-use. Guardian is a ways from being finished, though the rest are all pretty far along. Though I have no idea, and if anyone does know exactly when these projects will be done, that would be welcome news!