Wednesday, June 2, 2010

State funding for Tulsa roads

Breaking news..massive sinkhole in the Skelly Drive portion of I-44 that cuts through Midtown Tulsa. The sinkhole developed between Lewis and Peoria in westbound lanes of Skelly Drive. Anyone who has driven I-44 recently knows that the road is by far the worst road in all of Oklahoma, even worse than the Crosstown Expressway. I-44 Skelly Drive is especially worse when you consider the amount of traffic trying to cross Midtown Tulsa and how the road is only 2-lanes each direction. Yes, it's currently being replaced but funding has been difficult to get due to the Crosstown Expressway realignment in OKC which cynical Tulsans have dubbed the Big Dig (alluding to the depression I-40 will run through, and a famously expensive Boston I-95 project).

This sinkhole should be a wake-up call to the legislature that Tulsa is being sorely left behind for road funding. I myself am an OKC guy that can realize Tulsa is indeed getting the shaft here. The sinkhole will be filled, but who wants to drive on a road after there's already been one sinkhole? I can not think of a less safe road in all of Oklahoma. But it's great that we have a $600 million project to move I-40, as long as the highway builders get their money, that's all gravy.

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OKC Second Time said...

Ah yes, the Tulsa complaint that OKC gets it all. Look at the actual funding and then report back.