Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A heckuva argument..

Which of the following describe the environment you would rather have your business or investment located:

1. An area in the middle of the north side that was once hot and desirable and is still an alright location across from a mall that's held on despite the economy and despite the anti-mall trend. The downside though is that the mall you are located in has NOT held on and has lost every good retail tenant it once had, with Balliet's moving further north, and Talbot's moving across the street. The office space above you is also not leasing as well as it was. The only public investment in the area are some minor intersection upgrades in the Northwest Expressway.

2. The urban core of the city where office vacancy has plummeted from 34% to 24% and office space continues to remain strong despite the economy. A $750 million, 850 foot tall skyscraper is going up in the neighborhood, among other projects. In the last 15 years public investments have included everything in MAPS 1, several streetscapes including the MidTown/Saint Anthony's streetscape surrounding where your store is, and tons of new housing coming in..the allure is being part of an exciting new urban trailblazing lifestyle in Oklahoma. There are more public investments planned for your neighborhood, to the tune of nearly $777 million. There is also a new $600 million highway about to open, and all of the surrounding residential neighborhoods are also rejuvenated. In all, within blocks of you has been billions of dollars in public investment and even more in private investment. You're also now a lot closer to your clientele across the metro.

You tell me where you'd rather invest or put a business...

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