Wednesday, June 23, 2010

An OKC development rundown

I figured it might be time to do one of these such threads (I'm sure everyone is tired of me recounting every project in other cities). It seems like we have enough potential development prospects to justify one. Since this is a rundown of infill, obviously not going to include Devon Tower or MAPS projects or Project 180, etc.

1. Aloft Hotel, 2nd and Walnut in Deep Deuce. Approved by OCURA earlier this month, to start construction in March. $18 mil, 130 rooms, 3 restaurants, 12,000 sf of street level boutique retail, and conference rooms (full service hotel).

2. Bond Bakery redevelopment, NE 12th and I-235. Deal under way with historic preservationist Gary Hasenflu to redevelop this old 4-story bldg into apartments. How does this project stand in the wake of the deferral on tax credits? Is it still on? Pushed back? Moving forward as originally planned?

3. OCU Law School, Classen and Sheridan. OCU has reached an agreement on the redevelopment of the 190,000 sf former Fred Jones Auto Factory with the Jones family. It will be a $30-50 million project set to begin in 2011. Again, what is the status of this project in the wake of the deferral?

4. St Anthony's Hospital, Dewey and 10th--large site that they appear to be staging for construction. Is this the site of St Anthony's next midrise building? Rumors abound.

5. St Anthony Physicians Tower--group of physicians currently looking at building some offices near the hospital?

6. Cadillac Building--renovation of an old auto dealership building at RS Kerr and Walker. 2 story building being renovated and a 3rd floor being added, protruding from the top at a setback from the front facade. Very slow project. Rick Dowell project.

7. Grace Cleaners Bldg-- on Main and Dewey, Grace Cleaners is closing (owner is just retiring) and a lawyer's office has bought the building, plans on renovating it.

8. Rawhide Furniture--9th and Broadway, Steve Mason project. High-end rustic furniture store relocating from Norman to downtown, for better access to their out of state customer base. This is the storefront adjacent to Bicycle Alley on the south.

9. MidTown Redevelopment projects..Packard Building (which could make a great new home for Full Circle!), Hadden Hall, Osler, 1212, and other--slowest projects on the face of the earth. Where do these stand in the wake of the deferral?

10. The Carnegie--the old downtown library being remodeled into lofts. This project seems to still be on, yet progressing extremely slowly. They have presold SOME units but not enough I think. Keep trying to get attention from housing tours and stuff. Just a matter of time till RIP.

11. The Hill--NE 2nd and Stiles, 157 or so cookie cutter townhomes framing the east end of Deep Deuce. This project had become a financial calamity by the end of last year but supposedly is back on and moving forward. Should have been finished by now, but we know how that goes.

12. The Hart on Film Row, Lee and Sheridan. Chip Fudge (or did he sell the project off?) is redeveloping an old film production building into a mixed-use project. Facade restored, not sure what's going on inside the building. The streetscape's completion is going to be a big factor in this project opening up.

13. SoSA home projects--two under construction right now, more planned for the future.
Medical District

12. Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association headquarters, 4th and Lincoln. Project appears to be back on, the OIPA is doing pretty well in this economy, and the project was redesigned (improved) and a sign recently appeared on the site, suggesting construction soon, perhaps?

13. OU Children's hospital..mostly finished on the atrium and parking deck, the last stage of construction.

14. OU Cancer Institute..topped out.

15. OMRF new building..frame still going up slowly, taking a while to top out. This project will be finished by 2012 though.

16. Dean McGee Eye Institute, NE 10th and Lincoln. Addition of a new wing and a sleek renovation of the facades facing Lincoln..project just about finished.

Did I leave anything out (between 13th and the current I-40)? And if anyone knows the deal with Nick Preftakes..


Unknown said...

Quite a bit happening. Thanks for the rundown.

jbrown84 said...

The Cadillac Bldg is at Dean McGee and Walker, not Kerr.